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Castle Combe Racing Club

Learn how our Sports & Leisure specific AlphaSport CMS content management system has helped Castle Combe Racing Club reach out and inform their Competitors, Marshals and Spectators since 2013 with a revised design and updated CMS launched in August 2017.

Castle Combe Racing Club

Project Brief

We were first invited to take a look at a new website for the Castle Combe Racing Club back in 2013 where our team members developed a brand new breakaway site for the Club, officially launched in the same year.

Following the success and natural growth of the site, the Racing Club were looking to improve its administration whilst taking advantage of the latest methods of content delivery to the end-users.

So in 2017 we took on the task of refreshing the site, still based on our AlphaSport CMS Sports & Leisure Content Management platform but incorporating a number of new enhancements for the administration of Events and Championships.

Project Description

From the brief, we had two clear opportunities and objectives:

  1. Improve the administration of events, championships and site content;
  2. Improve the end-user experience across all devices and platforms;

This was achieved using a combination of updated technologies, methodologies and CMS functionality since the site's original launch back in 2014 and now gives the Racing Club the ability to:

  Create new single or multi-date Events assigning multiple Clubs, Championships/Series and Circuits;
  Integrate LIVE timing and Event Results data from TSL Timing;
  Upload specific banner or page images for each Event;
  Upload an unlimited number of Downloadable documentation such as Entry Forms, Final Instructions, Paddock Plans and Timetables for each event;
  Automate a front-end Event Countdown with bespoke messaging for during events;

In addition, our revised Championships module enables the Racing Club to:

  Create multiple Championships each with their own Class, History and Past Champion information;
  Automatically integrate Event dates for each Championship directly from the Events module;
  Automatically integrate the Latest News from the revised Blog/News Module;
  Automatically integrate TSL Timing Results data after each event;
  Add an unlimited number of Download documents for each Championship;

When combined with the usual AlphaSport CMS functionality for Pages, Page Holders, Unlimited Custom Forms and off-canvas Mobile navigation, the new site, whilst visually not a million miles away from the original, is far easier to use from both Administrator and End User perspectives whilst increasing the available information for Competitors, Marshals and Spectators alike.

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