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Altima Digital offer a full range of Website Design, Development and Digital Marketing products and services for Small, Medium and Large Businesses, eCommerce & Retail, Automotive, Recruitment, Sports & Leisure and Land/Property Agent industries across the UK and Europe.

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Why choose us?

At Altima Digital we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your business or organisation. Your own fully fledged, experienced and knowledgeable digital and marketing departments albeit under a different roof but only a phone call or an email away. Many times over the last 16 years we have been asked to pick up the pieces from web designers who've abandoned their clients or simply get bored once the initial project has been completed and refuse to answer calls.

We like to think and prove we're different. We understand that to most small, medium and even large businesses, that the why's and how's of their online operations are immaterial - they simply know what they want to achieve and how long or in most cases, how quickly it can be achieved. At Altima Digital we understand this from the core of our operations, which is why we won't try to coax you into something that simply isn't suitable for your business model or objectives.

And to summarise, the majority of our clients have come to us over the years through word-of-mouth and recommendation. We rarely advertise or market ourselves as we simply don't need to and for many, we are the silent driving force behind their web operations provided by other agencies or third-parties. To give you a brief idea, here's just some of our achievements over the last 16 years:

  • Developed and released the first fully-integrated online car parking payment and pre-booking platform for a UK stadium/arena;
  • Built many a well-known racing driver's website;
  • Designed and developed the latest web-based platform for print and email marketing tracking;
  • Developed the world's first land-based mineral extraction property search platform;
  • Released our own Content Management Systems (CMS) dedicated to Automotive, Motorsport, Recruitment and Estate Agent industries;
  • Developed and released the UK's first integrated recruitment platform for a local unitary authority;

Tailored & Professional

  1. Flexibility & Scalability
    We can develop our solutions to suit YOUR needs and requirements.
  2. Development
    With our monthly packages, we'll update your platforms and solutions as we develop at no additional charge to you.
  3. Satisfaction
    We strive for 100% satisfaction at all times with a single point of contact, working with and for you!

Project Management Lifecycle

Regardless of the project in hand, we operate a clear and simple Project Management Lifecycle for all our projects, constantly ensuring you are aware of where we are in the process and what is required at any point from you.

  • Planning & Specification
  • Concept Design & Development
  • Content Management Development & Integration
  • Full Solution Review & Testing
  • Acceptance & Project Completion
  • Monitoring & Maintenance